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Check out our new Community Guidelines!

As CryptoCanary grows, it becomes increasingly hard to maintain the high-quality level of user-generated content that you, our users, demand and deserve. 

Recently, we saw some groups come in and massively brigade their favorite projects. While their enthusiasm is definitely welcome, we noticed that many of them were just copy/pasting each others’ reviews or submitting very low-value content (i.e. “will go to the moon”, “team is great and project is great”).

Our preference is to not delete or otherwise interfere with any organic discussion/content submitted to our site. We prefer to let the community see a wide range of perspectives and let them judge others’ opinions for themselves. 

However, in some cases, the content itself is devoid of value and negatively drags down the overall quality of CryptoCanary. In those rare and limited cases, we will remove those user-submitted reviews. 

When removing content, we will do so transparently (OP will get notified via email) and we will only remove content that violates the rules outlined in our Community Guidelines

Please do check out the guidelines and let us know either in Telegram or via email if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Hope to see you around CryptoCanary and thanks for being part of the Flock!

P.s. do you think we missed any important rules in our guidelines? If so, please comment down below with what other rules we should add!

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